Mission: Provide clean energy to benefit mankind Vision: To become the outstanding contributor of global non-nuclear clean energy Basic Principles: Safety first, quality foremost, pursuing excellence Values · Core Values: Doing things right in one go
· Basic values
  1. Accountable: Being willing to do things, capable of doing things and getting things done
  2. Rigorous and pragmatic: Being practical, performance-based and result-oriented
  3. Innovative and enterprising: Pursuing enterprise, innovation and excellence
  4. Customer oriented: Viewing customers’ needs as our own
  5. Value adding: Each and every one adds value
Idea of Management · Operation principle: to use resource wisely and maintain a continuing development
· System principle: precise enacting, orderly execution and efficient monitoring
· Talent principle: make the best of one’s talent and create a future together
· Integrity principle: fair and clean under the sunshine
Code of Conduct · 4 principles for CGN staff: Integrity and transparency, professionalism, efficient execution and team
· 4 principles for management team: Being a good example, capable operation, caring for employees,
 fair and integrity
Brand slogan: Natural energy powering nature
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